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eLogic Model® Manager

Our mission is to develop and implement simple, cost effective software solutions that improve the accountability and performance of non-profit and government organizations engaged in the delivery of health and human services.

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In this increasingly competitive environment for resources, the collection of accurate data, data analysis and the information and knowledge it produces, can make the difference in an organization demonstrating its efficiency and effectiveness to its funders, the general public and other stakeholders.Managers must have the tools for supporting staff, not only to ensure that clients obtain needed services and achieve outcomes, but also for managing the daily operations of the organization.

The eLogic Model® Manager (also known as eLogic or ELM), is an electronic adaptation of the original logic model planning tool with a database that allows for data collection and analysis.

It serves not only to describe a program of human service delivery (as a regular logic model does), but it also uniquely drives the database for supporting client/case management and the program evaluation needs of the agency. Within the structure of the eLogic Model® is a traditional logic model with "logic units" in program operations, (mission, need, intervention, projected results, actual results), and "logic units" in program accountability, (measurement tool, data source, and frequency of data collection and reporting, including personnel assigned to function).

eLogic is a tool based system in which the end users/agencies have full control over their database. Agencies can create their own forms, customize fields, develop assessment tools, and numerous other features that once were only accessible through the vendor. This empowers the agency to have full control over their database.

  • Web-based system that is accessible from any device with an internet connection.
  • Designed with mobility in mind so most functionality is available on mobile phones and tablets, as well as a desktop computer.
  • Clients can directly access and edit their own information in a controlled, safe and secure environment ensuring privacy and confidentiality.
  • Graphical interface that visually measures progress and change in status, and plots changes on a histogram.
  • Robust employment and training features for tracking and monitoring services and outcomes.
  • Fully customizable goal plans.
  • Scheduler and calendar for client staff interaction with export capability to the major calendar applications (Google Calendar, iCal, Microsoft Outlook, etc).
  • Supports bulk services at the client and agency level.
  • HIPAA compliant.
  • Multiple types of customizable reports to meet the majority of reporting needs.
  • Complete complement of client and agency diagnostic reports.
  • Visually informative: Fully customizable dashboard for at-a-glance management and reporting.
  • Permissions control through a built-in role system.
  • Data Easy In: User Interface reduces time and redundancy.
  • Data Easy Out: Reporting built to deliver at a glance results.
  • Digital ID Cards.
  • Eligibility Calculator.
  • Form Replicator.
  • Tracking and monitoring referrals.
  • Maintains an unduplicated count across multiple agencies.
Demonstration of eLogic Intakes page on laptop One click functionality, all features at a glance
Demonstration of selecting an assessment in eLogic on laptop Easy access to all assessments, scheduler, and history. No limit to the number and types of assessments.
Demonstration of eLogic assessment being completed on laptop Standard Employment Scale in eLogic. The client chooses the statement that best represents their present situation. eLogic users have access to CAMP's extensive library of assessment scales at no additional cost. This is one of several employment scales available.
Demonstration of eLogic Assessment History on laptop
Demonstration of eLogic Assessment services on laptop
Demonstration of eLogic Assessment goal plans on laptop
Demonstration of eLogic Assessment Matrix
Demonstration of eLogic form replicator on laptop
Demonstration of eLogic form in progress on laptop
Demonstration of eLogic employment tracker on laptop
Demonstration of other available programs in eLogic on laptop
Demonstration of eLogic eligibility and budget on laptop

The Bottom Line-Cost Effective

The cost of an annual subscription license is all inclusive. We do not charge separate fees for specific modules or add-ons. The entire eLogic package is available to each and every user and includes our extensive copyrighted library of outcome assessment scales. In addition, we will work with you to determine the level of functionality required and have a number of licensing options available.

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Demonstration of the eLogic assessment form on iPad Demonstration of the eLogic files function on iPhone