The Center for Applied Management Practices (CAMP) offers a catalog of courses for all human services practitioners, managers, board members and other interested parties.

CAMP’s “roots” are in the development of original training materials and curriculums that support the management of health and human services organizations. Training is either provided by CAMP staff or trainers certified by CAMP for a specific course or workshop. Almost all training is on-site at a location chosen by the customer.

The following is a summary of courses and Train-The-Trainer programs offered by CAMP:

Introduction to Results-Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA-Outcomes)

This course is offered in a one or two day format and covers the following topics:

  • Building Blocks: Mission
  • Building Blocks: Community Needs and Resource Assessment
  • Developing Results-Oriented Plans, Drucker Self-Assessment Questions
  • Practical Guidance for Developing Outcomes and indicators
  • Developing and Using Outcome Scales and Outcome Matrices
  • Understanding and Developing Logic Models

Instruction is provided on developing mission statements, conducting needs and resource assessments, identifying elements of outcome based plans, writing output and outcome statements, developing and using outcome scales and outcome matrices, analyzing outcome data, and developing and using logic models.

Participants will acquire basic skills in developing measures of performance including developing outcomes and indicators, use of the outcomes and indicators in logic models, and use of outcome scales to measure incremental changes in their clients, programs, or agencies.

Both the one and two-day courses cover the same content, however the two-day course provides practice opportunity in developing outcomes scales and logic models which are peer and instructor evaluated in class.