Frederick Richmond

Frederick Richmond, President and Founder

Fred is the founder of CAMP having started as a hospital administrator with an MS/MHA from The Ohio State University and is a veteran having served as a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service. In addition to positions with both federal and state government, Fred held key management positions with a Pennsylvania statewide children’s research and advocate organization where he served as the state’s first Kids Count Director and was one of the team that created the Children’s Health Insurance Program in Pennsylvania which served as the model for the national Children’s Health Insurance Program. Fred also co-founded the Virtual Outcomes College which after federal funding in 2001, became the National ROMA Peer-To-Peer Train-The-Trainer Program. Fred directed the team that created the eLogic Model® and the derivative eLogic Model software. He currently serves on several boards including the Association of Nationally Certified ROMA Trainers, Progress Resources Inc., and OWFB, a 501c4 educational organization that performs and preserves traditional folk music.

Adam Ferguson

Adam Ferguson, IT Director/Lead Application Developer

Adam graduated with a BS in Information, Science and Technology from Penn State University. With over 10 years of experience, he has worked in both the government and private sectors. In addition to working several years for Pennsylvania's IU13, developing custom software used both in-house and by other agencies and districts, he has been part of projects for companies such as Turkey Hill Dairy, BMW and Progresso. He also ran his own freelance business for several years before joining the CAMP and working on the eLogic software team early in its conception, where he has lead development on the last two major versions.

Benjamin Richmond

Benjamin Richmond, Project Manager, Business and System Analyst

Ben has 10 years of experience in CAMP starting in a part-time capacity while in school and becoming full time after completion of his studies. For over five years Ben was a senior consultant working with HUD on software development and managing HUD’s eLogic database. Ben has responsibilities for software design, technical assistance and support, training and database management. He also works with organizations on initial setup of eLogic.

Kimbery Rayer

Kimberly Rayer, Training and Technical

Kimberly started her career in IT in the early 1990’s as a program manager for a large consulting firm with contracts throughout the United States holding positions in administration, accounting and database management. For the past 10 years, Kimberly has worked in Bayaud Enterprises, a nonprofit organization serving people with disabilities to become self-sufficient through mentoring and employment services in her dual role as a case manager and having additional responsibilities for IT support. Kimberly brings these talents to CAMP where she provides training and technical support to agencies using eLogic.