The eLogic Model® Manager is a comprehensive intake, assessment and client management system that accounts for need, services, and outcomes, the fundamental components of agency accountability, transparency and management.

The eLogic Model® Manager is an electronic adaptation of the original logic model planning tool with a database that allows for data collection and analysis and transforms text to data. It serves not only to describe a program of human service delivery (as a regular logic model does), it uniquely drives the database for supporting client/case management and the program evaluation needs of the agency. Within the structure of the eLogic Model® Manager is a traditional logic model with “logic units” in program operations, (mission, need, intervention, projected results, actual results), and “logic units” in program accountability, (measurement tool, data source, and frequency of data collection and reporting, including personnel assigned to function).sessment and client management system that accounts for need, services, and outcomes, the fundamental components of agency accountability, transparency and management.

​The eLogic Model® Manager compiles reports on client demographics, needs presented, services/interventions administered and outcomes attained, also referred to as achieving a satisfactory level of well being. It is a tool that helps provide the “evidence” in evidence based practices.

​The eLogic Model® Manager patterned after the essential features of the traditional logic model which was developed for use in organizational planning and program evaluation, was transformed for use as a direct services and case management tool by The Center for Applied Management Practices, Inc., In 2008, a trademark was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office giving The Center for Applied Management Practices, Inc., exclusive rights to use the term, eLogic Model®.


​In this increasingly competitive environment for resources, accurate data, data analysis and the information and knowledge it produces, can make the difference in an agency demonstrating its successful outcomes to its funders, the general public and other stakeholders. Fully recognizing that fiscal data must be integrated with program data, the eLogic Model® Manager fully supports Social-Return-On-Investment (SROI) calculations using a nationally recognized SROI model developed and taught by CAMP.

There is an organic link between the data collected, how that data is recorded by agency staff and the information that is produced. Data and information are different. Data is unorganized facts and is the building blocks for something else. That something else is information which is the processing, organizing and analysis of data making it useful and a context for other functions such as planning, evaluation, resource allocation, decision making, etc. Knowledge is derived from the interaction of information and experience with a topic.

​With the logic model as its foundation, the eLogic Model® Manager supports all elements of data collection, analysis and presentation.

Through effective use of visual presentation, a simplified information gathering process and user driven reporting tools, the eLogic Model® Manager provides a better approach to service delivery and documentation. Available management reports can support an agency to establish performance benchmarks at both the client and organizational level.

The eLogic Model® Manager is affordability priced from the smallest to the largest organizations. We are able to be price competitive since we are a small organization with maximum flexibility, minimum overhead and do not advertise since our customers come to us via “word of mouth”.

Cost and In-Kind Contribution

When we establish a business relationship with an organization, whether in our consulting work or with the eLogic Model® Manager software application, we work in partnership to ensure a productive and meaningful relationship. To that end, we make an in-kind contribution of our extensive library of assessment scales developed over the past 20 years covering the entire range of programs and services offered in the human services community. This saves thousands of dollars of consulting costs and out-of-pocket expenses for the organization.

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